Philly in '53

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A winning bid for the 1953 Worldcon against a group from San Francisco (and about five others). It went on to run Philcon II.

See 1953 Site Selection results for full details.

In Philcon II's Progress Report 1, an article was published explaining the whole bid and vote process: The whole thing was a 3-day, spur-of-the-moment sprint!

In the mid-60s, George Scithers writes: "Historically, the rotation plan arose out of the bad feeling that followed the decision to award the '53 Worldcon to Philadelphia rather than San Francisco. The Philly bid was, according to Bob Madle, something of a spur-of-the-moment thing — one of the bid's most enthusiastic supporters was Dave Kyle. The result was a convention that Philadelphia didn't entirely want, and the near destruction of the San Francisco group.

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