Philcon I

The 1947 Worldcon, and first in Philadelphia, Philcon I was held August 30 to September 1 in the Penn-Sheraton Hotel in Philadelphia, PA. GoH: John W. Campbell, Jr.. L. Jerome Stanton was Toastmaster. Chaired by Milton Rothman. Attendance was about 160.

The committee was: Oswald Train, Robert A. Madle, Jack Agnew, A. E. Waldo, James A. Williams, A. M. Phillips. Big Pond Fund: F. J. Ackerman, California Representative: James Hevelin, New York Representative: William S. Sykora.

Bidders:?? See 1947 Site Selection results.

See Philcon I Program and Milton Rothman's remembrance for the Noreascon Three PB. Margaret Trebing did a report on Philcon I for the MilPhil PR 3 (see also Jack Speer and Chan Davis were involved in shooting off firecrackers on the hotel's roof during the convention. A combozine, the Philcon Memory Book was published for the convention.

There were two bids for the 1948 Worldcon, Toronto in 1948 and Milwaukee in 1948. See 1948 Site Selection results.

See the Philcon I membership list.

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