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A convention held in the Pittsburgh, PA area from 1969 to 1979. It was sponsored by the Western Pennsylvania SF Association.

The name is pronounced "flange" which was a regional catch-all slang term meaning something like "thingie". (Suzle Tompkins, one of the founders who shared an apartment with other founders sometimes made a dish she called "Tuna flangy" which was tuna plus whatever else they had in the refrigerator.) While they were planning the first Pghlange, they did not yet have a name and called it "the flange" or "the thingie" — eventually, having given up on finding a really great name, someone suggested Pghlange and it stuck. The "Pgh" at the beginning is an abbreviation for "Pittsburgh."

(Linda Bushyager denies the rumor that it mean "Pittsburgh Lange". Anyway, the "e" is silent.)

(Another local word meaning the same thing as "flange" was "hitchie" — just as well they picked Pghlange! Would anyone have gone to a Pghitche?)

Convention Dates GoHs
PgHLANGE 1 June 6-8, 1969 Robert Silverberg
PgHLANGE 2 1970 Harlan Ellison
PgHLANGE 3 1971 Lester Del Rey
PgHLANGE 4 1972 Andy Offutt
PgHLANGE VI September 27-29, 1974 Joanna Russ
PgHLANGE 7 September 26-28, 1975 L. Sprague de Camp
PgHLANGE VIII September 24-26, 1976 Joe Haldeman
PgHLANGE IX September 20-October 2, 1977 Ginjer Buchanan, Linda Bushyager, Suzle Tompkins
PgHLANGE X September 29-October 1, 1978 Rick Sternbach, Phil Foglio
PgHLANGE XI September 28-30, 1979 Gene Wolfe

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