Peter McNamara Achievement Award

The Peter McNamara Achievement Award is given to a professional in the Australian science fiction field “in remembrance of the life and contribution of Peter Trevor McNamara.”

The award was initially administered by Robert N. Stephenson, whose idea it was, prior to Peter's widow, Mariann McNamara, taking over both funding and administration.

This award should not be confused with the Peter McNamara Convenors' Award that is an Aurealis Award.

As there has been some confusion as to the history of this award, it is worth noting that there are two years associated with each award.

Award Judge Winner Presented
Inaugural Peter McNamara Paul Collins 2002
2002 Tony Shillitoe Stephanie Smith 2003
2003 Richard Harland Jack Dann 2004
2004 Van Ikin Jonathan Strahan 2005
2005 Janeen Webb Peter Nicholls 2006
2006 Justin Ackroyd Shaun Tan 2007
2007 Diane DeBellis Bruce Gillespie 2008
2008 Ron Serdiuk Sean Williams 2009
2009 Helen Merrick Janeen Webb 2010
2010 Damien Warman Lucy Sussex 2011
2011 Robin Pen Bill Congreve 2012
2012 Nick Stathopoulos 2013
2013 Julian Warner Garth Nix 2014
2014 Merv Binns 2015
2015 Tehani Wessely Rowena Cory Daniells 2016

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