Pete Young

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(1960 —)

British fanzine editor, reviewer and occasional fanwriter born in London, and resident in Hua Hin, Thailand, since 2009. He dates joining fandom to 4 June 2001, when he wandered into a pub meeting of the Reading Science Fiction Group and introduced himself by interrupting a conversation on Charles Dickens.

Fanzines include Zoo Nation (2002-2006), Big Sky (2013-), possibly Thailand's first SF fanzine, and the perzine The White Notebooks (2015-). He has also occasionally guest-edited the Hugo Award-winning fanzine Journey Planet.

Young has a background as a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. He has also reviewed books for Foundation, Strange Horizons and Vector, and since June 2012 has been a moderating editor at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database.

He runs the Thai Literary Supplement website, reviewing fiction in English about Thailand. (IA) Website

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