Perry Rhodan

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Perry Rhodan is the name of a SF series published since 1961 in Germany, as well as the name of the main character in the stories. It is space opera, dealing with several popular themes of SF. It is reputedly the most successful SF book series ever written, having sold over one billion copies.

Forrest J Ackerman and Wendayne Ackerman attempted to popularize Perry Rhodan in the US in the 1970, translating and publishing around a hundred novels with covers by Gray Morrow. It was ultimately unsuccessful, though it spawned a few conventions with a Perry Rhodan theme (Arkon-Orlando and Fantasy Faire VII) and at least one fanzine, The Perryscope by Brian Earl Brown.

It was a fairly dreadful series by English-language standards and was sometimes called Perry Rhodent or Perry Rodent. The pun seems to have occurred very quickly to fans upon exposure to the series. Perry Rodent was declared to be the mascot of Bubonicon.

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