Patrick Nielsen Hayden

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(1959 —)

AKA PNH, a US fan and pro editor for Tor. Born Patrick J. Hayden, he changed his last name to "Nielsen Hayden" when he married Teresa Nielsen. He is primarily known as a long-time fan (and co-publisher of the important fannish blog, Making Light) who was for many years a senior editor at, and is now editor-in-chief of, Tor Books. In addition, he has been a fanzine publisher, conrunner, reviewer, and anthologist.

He became active in fandom in Phoenix in 1975. He continued in Toronto and Seattle, before moving to New York City in the 80s to work professionally in publishing, where he joined Tor. In the late 70s, he was one of the small group of core fans on the Iguanacon committee for which he ran Programming. He won TAFF in 1985 along with Teresa.

He was quite active on the Usenet groups rec.arts.sf.* in the 90s. Starting in July 2000 he wrote a blog Electrolite until it was incorporated into his wife's blog Making Light in May 2005, where he now writes along with her.

He has published or co-published the following fanzines and apazines: Again, Derelict Defenestration, Telos, Izzard, one issue of Ted White's Letters from Prison, Life Sentence, Twibbet 7, Oxymoron, Taffluvia, The Portable Carl Brandon, Science Fiction Five Yearly, GoshWow, Thangorodrim!, Tweek, Ecce Fanno, Cacciatore, Telos, Zed, Subliminal Verity, Flash Point, It's Only Talk, Tetrazinni, and Fanthology 1981.


He was on the Executive Council of Minicon 34 and a founder of AZAPA, OASIS (APA), and Babble-17. He worked on programming for early Fourth Street Fantasy conventions. He was one of the founders of shortfastalkinghyperfandom.

He is a regular instructor at the science fiction writing workshop Viable Paradise, and has taught at both Clarion and Clarion West. The Nielsen Haydens' small press is Ansatz Press. In 1988, he was one of the founding editors of The New York Review of Science Fiction. He left the magazine after several issues.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

His Hugo awards and nominations cover a wide range of categories:

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