Pat Virzi

SF fan Pat Mueller Virzi is a fanzine fan and conrunner and is married to fellow fan Dennis Virzi. She was on the committees for Corflu 4 and Corflu Quire, she edited Cactus Clipper, the daily newsletter for the 1987 Westercon.

She is probably best known for publishing fanzines, including Pirate Jenny, Awry/Oblique, Jongleur, Pint-Size Stories, and the Texas SF Inquirer. She was elected Past President of fwa in 2006.

She was heavily involved in Iggy and wound up doing a large part of the post-con tasks after the rest of the committee moved out of Phoenix. She was also in charge of a big part of the pre-con work at LoneStarCon, the 1985 Nasfic.

Awards, Honors and GoHships: