Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group

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Formed in 1962 (a year before CUSFS) by Chris Miller, Mark Wigan, and John Pewsay, with C. S. Lewis and Brian W. Aldiss as faculty sponsors, Aldiss's house was the center of activity for the group. It sponsored Conine.

It is officially called the Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group (OUSFG), for purposes of respectability, but is rarely respectable in practice. From 1969 to 1995 it published the fiction fanzine Sfinx.

It still meets every Sunday and Wednesday in term time, with a Punt Party production each summer, a largely incomprehensible spoof of a SF book or film, with rather less blowing things up than in the 1980s. A range of old newsletters have been scanned to give a feel what the society was like.

Notable members:

File nameFile typeSize
02 Hilary.htmlHTML document23.31 kBInfo
86 Michaelmas 1.pdfPDF document3.32 MBInfo
86 Michaelmas 2.pdfPDF document2.64 MBInfo
87 Hilary 1.pdfPDF document2.59 MBInfo
87 Hilary 2.pdfPDF document5.25 MBInfo
87 Michaelmas 1.pdfPDF document23 MBInfo
87 Michaelmas 2.pdfPDF document13.9 MBInfo
87 Trinity 1.pdfPDF document11.06 MBInfo
87 Trinity 2.pdfPDF document1.49 MBInfo
88 Hilary 1.pdfPDF document12.88 MBInfo
88 Hilary 2.pdfPDF document7.78 MBInfo
88 Michaelmas 1.pdfPDF document8.68 MBInfo
88 Michaelmas 2.pdfPDF document8.87 MBInfo
88 Trinity 1.pdfPDF document6.09 MBInfo
88 Trinity 2.pdfPDF document7.08 MBInfo
89 Hilary 1.pdfPDF document6.78 MBInfo
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89 Michaelmas 2.pdfPDF document8.44 MBInfo
89 Trinity 1.pdfPDF document8.37 MBInfo
89 Trinity 2.pdfPDF document8.71 MBInfo
91 Trinity.htmlHTML document16.86 kBInfo
91 Trinity.pdfPDF document9.07 MBInfo
93 Hilary 1.pdfPDF document74.53 kBInfo
93 Michaelmas 1a.pdfPDF document6.94 MBInfo
93 Michaelmas 1.pdfPDF document84 kBInfo
93 Michaelmas 2a.pdfPDF document5.66 MBInfo
93 Michaelmas 2.pdfPDF document75.66 kBInfo
93 Trinity 2.pdfPDF document77.13 kBInfo
94 Hilary 1.pdfPDF document6.95 MBInfo
94 Hilary 2a.pdfPDF document93.07 kBInfo
94 Hilary 2.pdfPDF document6.49 MBInfo
94 Trinity.pdfPDF document4.82 MBInfo
96 Hilary.pdfPDF document144.72 kBInfo
96 Michaelmas.pdfPDF document82.84 kBInfo
97 Michaelmas.pdfPDF document60.68 kBInfo
97 Trinity.pdfPDF document65.15 kBInfo
98 Hilary.pdfPDF document92.16 kBInfo
99 Trinity.pdfPDF document79.05 kBInfo
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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org