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Outsidecon is a relaxacon founded by Bob Emler and Bill Payne and held in the Nashville area, usually the weekend after Labor Day. It began in 1997 or earlier and was still running in 2012. It "appealed to Worldcon and Dragoncon attendees as a time to chill out. It also seeks to combine elements of a Society for Creative Anachronism event with a science fiction convention, offering an all-inclusive price for membership, food, and lodging.

Until 2002, it was held at Camp Marymount, a Catholic youth camp west of Nashville.

In 2003 it had to move and was held in a rented house in Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park and called That Dam Convention It was an abbreviated version of Outsidecon and basically a house party. The highlight took place when eight of the attendees drove over to the marina and rented a pontoon boat for a two hour cruise.

Beginning in 2004, it has been held at Group Camp One in Montgomery Bell State Park, also west of Nashville. It had pavilions, a lodge and cabins with electricity (but no plumbing) and bath houses. It also has a nearby hotel where the less adventurous stay.

In 2007, Outsidecon 20 was combined with DeepSouthCon with GoHs Clifton E. Gibbs, Christina Barber, Brenna Walters.

Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org