Otto Binder

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(1911 — 1974)

Otto Oscar Binder was an American fan and author of SF, non-fiction books, and comic books. He was a fan and member of the Chicago Science Fiction league as well as an important early write, especially when he write with his brother Earl Binder under the pen name Eando Binder. He also used the pseudonyms of John Coleridge and Gordan A. Giles.

(His other brother, Jack Binder, was also a fan and artist.)

SF series for which he is remembered today include the "Adam Link" and "Anton York" stories.

He also wrote for comic books in the 1940s-1960s, where he is best known for his many scripts for Captain Marvel Adventures and other stories involving the entire superhero Marvel Family. After his career writing fiction was over, he became a writer of science-fact articles and editor of the non-fiction publication Space World.

A biography of Binder by Bill Schelly was published in 2003. A photo and brief biography also appeared in Schelly's Founders of Comic Fandom (2010).

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