(1) A Fanzine by Paul Enever and Ella Parker

British fanzine published first by Paul Enever and later by Ella Parker. The 'zine ran 29 issues from 1953 through 1962. It won the Skyrack Readers Fan Poll in 1960.

Enever passed the editorship of the 'zine to Parker in 1958 after publishing twenty issues. Parker published an additional nine issues between 58 and 62. In 1961, Parker published several installments of TAFF Tales, Ken Bulmer's TAFF report, in Orion.

(2) A Comics Fanzine

Comics fanzine edited by Mark Shainblum and subtitled "The Canadian Magazine of Time and Space" with two issues in 1982 and 1983.

(3) A Comics Apazine

An apazine by Mark Shainblum for a comics apa, Comicopia, starting in 2005.

(4) A Fanzine by Paul Ryan

Orion was only used as title for issue #2. See O'Ryan for details.

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