Olon F. Wiggins

(1910 - February 4, 1984)

The first signs of Denver fandom appeared in 1932, when letters from Olon Wiggins started appearing in letter columns of some of the prozines. In 1940, Wiggins and Lew Martin caused much amazement when they hopped a freight train and rode boxcars for thirty hours from Denver to Chicago to get to the 1940 Worldcon. They succeeded in winning the right to host the 1941 Worldcon, which became the first Denvention.

After the Chicon, Wiggins and several other fans formed the Colorado Fantasy Society. By the late 40s he was still attending the CFS, but was no longer very active and soon gafiated becoming completely inactive by the late 40s.

His last appearance in fandom was at a panel at Denvention Two ion 1981.

He edited The Science Fiction Fan, and Galaxy for FAPA (of which he was a charter member). He was awarded the First Fandom Hall of Fame posthumously in 2016.

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