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A convention held in the Tulsa, OK, area from 1977 and organized by the local club, STARbase Tulsa. It grew out of a Star Trek convention (it had originally been known as Star Trek Mini Con).

In 1991, the chairman announced, apparently unilaterally, that the 1992 OKon would be the last. STARbase Tulsa kept meeting for another year and then died. Some OKon committee members later created Conestoga.

For more information see A Short History of OKon by Tim Frayser.

Convention Dates GoHs
OKon 1 July 30-31, 1977 C.J. Cherryh, R. A. Lafferty
OKon 2 July 22-23, 1978 Joe Haldeman, Lee Killough
OKon 3 July 21-22, 1979 Jack Williamson, Margaret Middleton
OKon 4 July 19-20, 1980 Alan Dean Foster, Shelby Bush III, Mary Kay Jackson
1981 Convention cancelled due to hotel shutting down.
OKon 5 July 16-18, 1982 Wilson "Bob" Tucker, Frank Kelly Freas, Polly Freas, Frederik Pohl, James P. Hogan
OKon 6 July 15-17, 1983 Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Real Musgrave, Marty Burke
OKon 7 July 20-22, 1984 Stephen R. Donaldson, David Cherry, Victoria Wheeler, Buck Coulson, Juanita Coulson
OKon 8 July 19-21, 1985 James P. Hogan, Phil Foglio, Ken Moore, Wilson "Bob" Tucker
OKon 9 1986 Kelly Freas, Polly Freas, Carl Lundgren, Forrest J. Ackerman, Julia Ecklar
OKon 10 1987 C.J. Cherryh, Wilson "Bob" Tucker, Muff Musgrave, Real Musgrave, Jan Howard Finder, Suzette Haden Elgin, Larry Niven, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Richard Pini
OKon 11 1988 Janet Morris, Chris Morris, Vincent DiFate, Leslie Fish
OKon 12 1989 Robert Bloch, David Mattingly, David Govaker, Technical Difficulties
OKon 13 1990 Hal Clement, Tom Kidd, Brad Sinor, Mark Simmons, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
OKon 14 July 26-28, 1991 Jo Clayton, George Alec Effinger, Lucy Synk, Sally Childs-Helton, Barry Childs-Helton
OKon 15 July 24-26, 1992 Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, David Lee Anderson, K.D. Wentworth, Diana Gallagher
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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org