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A fanzine by Raymond Fisher which started in the 40s and, with a hiatus between 1951 and 1966, was still being published in the 60s, and had at least eighteen issues. Richard Elsberry and Joyce M. Fisher co-edited some issues. It was one of the more respected general interested fanzines of the 60s and was nominated for the 1968 Best Fanzine Hugo.

Issue 17, dated Sept 1967, is 88 pages long and includes an article on "Paranoia in and of Science Fiction" by Ted White, "The Art of Morality" by Ray Nelson, and a portfolio of artwork by DEA (Margaret M. Dominick), who also did the cover. It is heavily illustrated. Letters from (among others) Stan Woolston, Urbanus Sylvan, Ray Nelson, Dick Lupoff, Don Wollheim, Roger Zelazny, H. L. Gold, John Christopher, Harry Warner Jr., Don D'Ammassa and Tony Lewis.

Issue 18, dated Spring 1968, is 126 pages and includes a graphic short story "Us Dragons" by Jack Gaughan, a portfolio of artwork by R. Edwards Jenning, and a large letters section.

Joe Haldeman's column "Letters from Vietnam" appeared here.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 1949
2 1949
3 1949 12
4 December 1949 16
5 June 1950 16
6 August 1950 22
7 October 1950 30
8 32
9 1951 32
10 March 1951 40
11 June 1951 34
14 1966 50
15 January 1967 66
16 March 1967 64
17 September 1967 88
18 Spring 1968 126
19 Summer 1968 98 ed. Raymond Fisher. Fiction by Zelazny. Memoriam for Ron Ellik by Robert Block.
20 Summer 1969 106
http://efanzines.com/Odd http://www.fanac.org/fanzines/ODD . 1949 1969

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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org