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A fanzine devoted to H. P. Lovecraft, the Cthulhu Mythos, Clark Ashton Smith, and Robert Bloch, which was edited by Harry O. Morris and, starting with the 4th issue, Edward P. Berglund. It began publication in May, 1970 and lasted with nineteen issues into the 80s. It was an 8.5x11 publication with issues of around 100 pages. It started with strictly literary criticism, but with Berglund joining, added fiction.

Contributors included Michael A. Aquino, Herb Arnold, Robert Bloch, Bernadette Bosky, G. Sutton Breiding, David J. Brown, Ramsey Campbell, Thomas G. Cockroft, Walter C. DeBill, Jr., Gary Drake, Denise Dumars, Thomas M. Egan, Steve Eng, R. Alain Everts, Kenneth W. Faig, Jr., Donald Sidney-Fryer, Mike Garcia, Mark Gelotte, Mike Glyer, Charles Richard Grose, Alan D. Gullette, Gary Harrison, Don Herron, William Scott Home, Robert E. Howard, Richard Huber, John Jacob, S.T. Joshi, Tim Kirk, John Koblas, George Laking, Joel Lane, James Lawson, Thomas Ligotti, Frank Belknap Long, Brian Lumley, Rob Hollis Miller, Dirk W. Mosig, Joe Moudry, Will Murray, Dale Nelson, Gerald W. Page, Jim Pianfetti, Jim Pitts, Ted Pons, E. Hoffmann Price, Robert M. Price, Graham Pryor, Wilum Pugmire, Glen Rahman, Steve Riley, Phyllis Rose, Sam Sackett, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Lewis Sanders, Jacqueline Schafer, David E. Schultz, Darrell Schweitzer, Vernon Shea, Walt Simonson, Clark Ashton Smith, Patti Smith, James Taylor, Denis Tiani, Stephen Verba, Bruce Walker, William Wallace, Helmet Wenske, George Wetzel, Neal Wilgus, and Billy Wolfenbarger.

Issue Date Pages Notes
7 1972 98
13 May 1977
15 January 1980 44

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