Nycon Membership List

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Nycon had a list of members, but it was neither accurate nor complete. Not accurate, because many people signed up with pseudonyms — in some cases more than one. Not complete in that an estimated fifty people didn't sign in at all! (The $1 membership fee, while not insignificant to those poverty-stricken young people, was not a major source of convention income, so there was little attempt to get everyone to pay.)

This list was published in Julius Unger's fanzine Fantasy Fiction Field Nycon Review in June 1942. To it we have added names for which there is evidence of their attendance. (IA) Fanac pages

Charles D. Hornig
Harl Vincent
Lloyd Arthur Eschbach
Robert D. Swisher
Ogtto Binder
Jack Williamson
Ross Rocklynne
John D. Clark
Manly Wade Wellman
Edmond Hamilton
Ray Cummings
Charles Schneeman
Frank R. Paul
Leo Margiuiles
Mort Weisinger
Isaac Asimov
Milton A. Rothman
Malcolm Jameson
John Victor Patterson
Kenneth Sterling
John WS. Campbell, Jr.
L. Sprague de Camp
David C. Cooke
Charles F. Kanada
Norman L. Knight
Robert F. Young
David V. Reed
Ruroy Sibly
A.S. Johnson
F. E. Hardart
Julius Schwartz
John Giunta
Sam Moskowitz
James V. Taurasi
David A. Kyle
Carl Rachlin
William S. Sykors
Jack Speer
Mario Racic, Jr.
Raymond Van Houton
Bill Mosher
N. Gilbert Dancy
Henry Lemaire
Oswald Train
Ray Bradbury
Betty Cummings
Francis J. Moroff
Joseph Lipton
Myrtle R. Douglas
Forrrest J Ackerman
Paul W. Poulson
Eugene Sander
Norman Spector
Alphonse Grimminger
Charles Eastabrooks
Jerome Seighel
Sidney Levine
A. J. Murphy
Marvin Weingold
Irving Frankel
Sol Knegov
Albert Roger
Vida Jameson
Mark Reinsberg
Isrtael Krenzel
A. W. Lincoff
Scott Feldman
John V. Baltidonis
Walter Sullivan
Gedrtrude Kuslan
David Verne
Louis Kuslan
John A. Mellerner
George Weinstein
D. De Pass
Frederick Morgan
Hyman Tiger
Dale Hart
Julius Pohl
Richard Ogden
Abe Oshinsky
Robert A. Madle
Jack Agnew
Jpohn Rubinson
Julius Unger
Beatrice Unger
Franklin Janson
Robert Studley
Ana Krenzel
A. L. Selikowiotz
Leslie Perri
Allen R. Charpentier
Richard Wilson
Edward Weisinger
Pearl Moskowitz
Morris Moskowitz
Harry Moskowitz
Wilbor J. Widmer
Herbert Schaefer
Jeanette Rool
Herb Goudkot
William H. Dellenback
J. Lacker
Jack Darrow
Julius Pohl, Jr.
Joe Kucera
Robert A. McCarthy
L. H. J. Ubucar
Bernice Kellor
Millie Taurasi
Francis Sykora
Frances Alberti
Rose Alberti
Margaret Skiffington
Bill Stockton
Leonard Levy
William Smith
Robert S. Thompson
Ann Racic
Mr & Mrs M. Racic
Mr & Mrs C. Sykora
Mr & Mrs D. Alberti
Murray Theaman
Langley Searles
Leonard Myers
Isadore Flauenbaum
Arthur Young
Arthur Ford
Betty Keat
Ruth Cuher
Frances N. Swisher
Mrs. J. W. Campbell, Jr
Mr & Mrs Inmsana
Mrs Frank R. Paul
Joan Paul
Particia Ann Paul
Leon Burg
David Charney
Warren D. Woolsey
Harry Dockweiler
Thomas Stats
George Herman
Eldred Mendyk
Mary Jameson
Art Widner
Harry Harrison
Kenneth Rohan

Listed elsewhere
Mr & Mrs Farnsworth Wright
Bobby Wright
William H. Groveman
V. Kidwell
Pete Racic
Erle Korshak
Jack Newton
Conrad H. Ruppert
Richard Wilson

Cyril Kornbluth
Donald A. Wollheim
Fred Pohl
John D. Michel
Robert Lowndes
Jack Gillespie

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