NyCon II

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The 1956 Worldcon and second in New York, NyCon II was held August 31-September 3 on the 19th floor of the Biltmore Hotel in New York City. The GoH was Arthur C. Clarke. Robert Bloch was Toastmaster. Chairman: David A. Kyle.

Officially known as "NEWYORCON" but — in the words of a report at the time "The fans wouldn't have it" — and it has been NyCon II since.

This is the Worldcon of the mini-Exclusion Act where "Dave Kyle says you can't sit here". (In short, the banquet speaker was the very popular cartoonist Al Capp. The banquet was too expensive ($7.10/person) for many fans who expected by custom that they could listen to the speeches from the balcony. Chairman Kyle wanted the privilege only to be extended to people who paid for the banquet. A minor piece of history ensued. See "Dave Kyle says you can't sit here" for the full details.

This was also the place where the Worldcon Banner was created by Dave Kyle and Jean Carroll — The convention's hotel, the Biltmore, had a flag pole outside where it would fly a banner for conventions it was holding, and Kyle thought it would be a good idea for WSFS to have one.

Competing bids: New York in 1956. See 1956 Site Selection results.

1956 Hugo Results. This was just the third time the Hugos were awarded, and chairman Dave Kyle reports that Hugo voting was "done haphazardly at the convention." London was selected to hold Loncon, see 1957 Site Selection results.

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