NY in '86

A bid to host the 1986 Worldcon in New York. Members of the bid committee included Ruth Sachter, Stu Hellinger, Ben Yalow, and…

The NY in '86 bid parties featured egg creams, a New York beverage which, everyone noted, included neither eggs nor cream.

They lost to Atlanta in '86 in a field which also included Philadelphia in '86. See 1986 Site Selection results for details.

As of early 1980, the committee included Brian Burley, Sue-Rae Rosenfeld, Ben Yalow, Larry Carmody, Lise Eisenberg, Gary Farber, Moshe Feder, Devra Langasm, Elyse Rosenstein, Steve Rosenstein, Art Saha, Kate Schafer, Stu Schiffman, Elliott Shorter. In late 1981, the Coordinator was Devra Langsan, Secretary Teresa Minambres, Members at Large of the Executive Committee, Moshe Feder, Genny Dazzo and Steve Rosenstein.

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