Now You See It/Him/Them...

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A murder mystery spoof (Doubleday, 1975) by fans Buck Coulson and Gene DeWeese and set at the 1974 Worldcon, Discon II.

The story is heavy with references. Some (like Tucker himself) are tuckerisms — the deliberate use of the name of a real person without the use of the person's character. Basically a tip of the hat to an acquaintance of the author. Others are enigmatic references to real fans.

Main characters
Identified fans

  • Bob and James Adams: Both of them were tuckerisms of James R. Adams
  • Andy: A man with a heavy pointed beard, dark shoulder-length hair "who looked like Santa trying out for a part as D'Artagnan"
  • Lt. Betteridge:
  • Kay Clarke: 6' Black woman who is a folk singer. Could she be connected to Bev Clark (See Midwestcon 4)
  • Dasam: Alias of James Adams
  • Mike Decker: On the city desk of the Clarion
  • Dickson: Gordy Dickson who was usually a bit disheveled and a filker. (p129)
  • Hector Dupla: Thug
  • Dwight: A large man; a mobster
  • Elliot: Probably Elliot Shorter who was also a very large man. (p137-138)
  • George: George Scithers who chaired Discon I. "A small man with an efficient military bearing and a boldly checked sports jacket."
  • Officer Gilgen:
  • Lamont Grennell: A tuckerization of Dean Grennell
  • Harlow: A boy very much into fanzines
  • Jack Hartman: Used to be a literary agent. "Slightly overweight black-haired man…with a booming voice" (p121-125)
  • Walter Hensley: A Sheriff tracking the bad guys. A tuckerization of Joe Hensley
  • Howard: Howard De Vore, a well-known huckster. "A clean-shaven man with a sunburned head"; Balding (p114, 121)
  • Hoy Ping: A Chinese restaurant named after Hoy Ping Pong. (p104)
  • Joe Karns: The main character. Not obviously anyone.
  • Juanita: Juanita Coulson, a filker and wife of one of the authors. (p128)
  • Kelly: Kelly Freas who looked pretty much as described in the book. (p128-129)
  • "Mary Marvel": A woman in costume named Nikki with a Bronx accent
  • Thompson: A tuckerism of Don Thompson (the Cleveland one!)
  • Bart Trimble: Crime boss
  • Silas Tucker: A victim. A tuckerism of Bob Tucker!
  • Stu: A fan who overdoes authenticity in costumes (p25)
  • Naomi Weiss: Gafiated fan from Midwest; cheated by Silas Tucker
  • Russ Wolfe: Wore Captain Marvel costume to masquerade; Bronx accent; Worked for IBM; Expert on superheros

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