(1) A Fanzine by Al Ashley and E. E. Evans

A mimeo fanzine edited by Al Ashley and E. E. Evans in Battle Creek, MI with three large issues.

Contributors included: Forrest J Ackerman, Abby Lu Ashley, Ray Bradbury, Bill Brudy, John W. Campbell, Ronald Clyne, Mary Gnaedinger, J. Harvey Haggard, Walt Liebscher, Robert Lowndes, Alden H. Norton, Hoy Ping Pong, Ross Rocklynne, Edward E. Smith, Ph.D, Richard de T'oid, Bob Tucker, Julius Unger, Harry Warner, Jr., Jack Wiedenbeck, and Donald Wollheim.

Nova was included in the fanthology Pacificon Combozine for Pacificon, the Fourth World Science-Fiction Convention.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 November 1941 40
2 May 1942 44
3 Winter 1943 44 Final issue

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(2) A Convention in Rochester, MI

A convention at Oakland University in Rochester, MI sponsored by The Order of Liebowitz.

Convention Date GoHs
Nova 4 March 31, 1979 Alan Dean Foster
Nova 9 March 24-25, 1984 Wendy Pini, Richard Pini
Nova 10 March 30-31, 1985 Ted Reynolds

(3) An Advertising Term Used by Campbell

from Fancyclopedia 1 ca. 1944
A designation given by Campbell to stories written on old themes which breathed new life into them. JWC dropped it even quicker than he did "mutant", with a final defiant gesture or two. Nova Press was a publishing house of Ashley, EEEvans, Wiedenbeck, and Perry, in 1942, who soon joined ASP.

(4) A Fanzine by Bob Tucker

Nova #1.1 was a 4-page fanzine published by Bob Tucker in May, 1939 as a pre-publication ad for Nova. It was bound with D'Journal #4.

(5) A Fanzine by Jim Rehak

A one-shot fanzine published by Jim Rehak in June 1972.