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The 1989 Worldcon, and third in Boston, N3 was held August 31 to September 4 at the Hynes Convention Center, Sheraton-Boston Hotel, Back Bay Hilton Hotel, and Boston Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, MA. GoHs: Andre Norton (pro), Ian & Betty Ballantine (pro), The Stranger Club (fan). Chaired by Mark Olson. See also the Noreascon 3 Committee list.

The Stranger Club was the first SF club in Boston and sponsor of the pre-War series of Boskones and the club was the Fan Guest of Honor of Noreascon 3. All of its known surviving members were invited to the convention as guests to represent the club and seven were located and attended: Art Widner, Chan Davis, Harry Stubbs (Hal Clement), Louis Russell Chauvenet, Timothy Orrok, Norman Stanley, and Robert D. Swisher.

Major special events at the convention included the 50th Anniversary Brunch, SF Tonight, the Concourse, and Boxboro Fandom's Louis Wu's Birthday Party.

Bidders: Boston in '89, New York in '89. See 1989 Site Selection results for more details. Because of the change from 2-year-in-advance site selection to three years in advance, there were two Worldcons selected in 1986, the conventions for 1988 and 1989. Since 1988 was a hotly contested race (see 1988 Site Selection results), the Boston committee could not select its pro GoHs until the winner of 1988 was known. Consequently, while Boston in '89 announced is Fan GoHs on winning, it waited until November 1986 to announce the pro GoHs.

For more details on the Hugos, see 1989 Hugo results. The 1989 Hugo trophy was an Art Deco confection of Saturnian rings and metal balls which was perhaps the most stylish ever made. Unfortunately, it was also one of the more fragile, having a particular problem with the balls which had been laboriously glued in place by convention staff…only to begin falling out about an hour after the ceremony. Gardner Dozois made observations about this…

For more details on the site selection conducted at Noreascon 3, see 1992 Site Selection results.

Noreascon 3 started the Pass-Along Funds process in which Worldcons sign up to pass on at least 50% of their surplus in exchange for receiving pass-along funds from its predecessors.

Noreascon 3 was sponsored by MCFI.

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