NOLAcon 2

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The 1988 Worldcon held September 1-5 at the Marriott, Sheraton, International Hotels and New Orleans Municipal Auditorium. GoH: Donald A. Wollheim, FGoH: Roger Sims. Mike Resnick was Toastmaster. Chairman: John H. Guidry.

NOLAcon II was the last con selected using a two-year lead time. At the same Worldcon (ConFederation) when it was selected, the 1989 Worldcon (Noreascon 3) was also selected.

1988 Hugo Results, 1990 Site Selection results.

Bidders: Bermuda Triangle Bid, New Orleans in '88, Cincinnati in 88, St. Louis in '88, Yugoslavia in '88, and Sydney Cove in '88 (which withdrew well before the vote). See 1988 Site Selection results.

Nolacon 2 was famously poorly organized, being saved by a big influx of fans at the last minute. (IA) Evelyn Leeper's conrep

See also Mike Sinclair.

The Nolacon II Staff t-shirt:

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