No Sex

Fanzine published by David Heath with 18 issues published between 1973 until the late 80's. It was devoted to amateur SF/Fantasy and comics art.

Issue # Contributors Cover Artist
1 Ricardo Heath David Heath
2 Kenneth Smith, Jim Gray, William Alan, Al Dulay, Ricardo Heath, Pamela Heath, Jim Gray, Joe Caporale, Hlaus Haisch, Dan Watson, Michael Brewer, Lester Boutillier David Heath
3 William Fulwiler, Dan Watson, Paul Watson, Albuquerque Armory, Mike Brewer, Stephen Johnson, William Alan, Matt Faezell, Pamela Heath, Joe Caporale, Klaus Haisch, Ken Meyer, Will Meuginot, Jim Major, Rod Snyder David Heath
4 Will Meuginot, Mike Brewer, Dan Watson, Paul Watson, Rickey Campbell, Joe Caporale, William Alan David Heath
5 Dan Watson, Lester Boutillier, Randy Handrickson, Klaush Haisch David Heath
6 Paul Watson, C. Robert Oliver, Terry Kaegin, Jim Major, Brad Foster, Mike Dooney, Paul Watson, Rickey Campbell, Ken Hahn David Heath
7 Aldo Stevenson, Ken Meyer, Stephen Schwartz, C. Robert Oliver, Dan Watson, Mike Dooney, Terry Kaegin, Robert Barger, Brad Foster, Clifford Meth, Dave Sim, Klaus Haisch, Michael Walker, Tim Corrigan, Gordon Linzner David Heath
8 David Heath, AN-Clovis, S. S. G. Beaumont, Stephen Swartz, Ken Meyer, Jr., C. Robert Oliver, Jr., Vincent Blesi, Chad Draper, Rickey Campbell, Joe Caporale, Mike Dooney, Robert Barger, Paul Watson, Cosmo Ellis, Mike KNowlton Lari Davidson
9 Stephen Swartz, David Heath, An-Clovis, Robert Barger, C. Robert Oliver, Jr., Jamie Alder, Klaus Haisch, Earl Geier, Steven Pick, Rich Searcy, Paul Watson, Frank Murray, Lari Davidson, Gay Brewer, Clifford Meth, Brad Foster Earl Geier
10 Rafael Kayanan, David Heath, Robert Barger, Ward O. Batty, Jerry Collins, C. Robert Oliver, Jr., Stan W. Osborn, Michael Brewer, Earl Geier, An-Clovis, Clifford Meth, Paul Watson, Doug Webb, Lari Davidson, Brad Foster, Matt Bucher, John Harris, Richard Noland, Chad Draper, Dave Sim Robert Barger
11 Klaus Haisch, Robert Barger, Mark Heike, Peter Iro, Jim Bertges, Jerry Collins, Nick Alenikov, John Howard, Chad Draper, Tony Castoria, C. Robert Oliver, Jr., Clifford Meth, Ken Meyer, Jr., Eric Scazi, Jamie Alder, Jim Gray, Scott Phillips, Paul Watson, Cosmo Elliss, Dan Day David Heath
12 Lari Davidson, C. Robert Oliver, Jr., Den Thomas, Willie Peppers, Scott Macdonald, Mark McLauglin, Sam Park, Chad Draper, Kim Wheat, Jerry Collins, Earl Geier, Larry Vitalo, Nick Alenikov, Brad Foster, Josephine Brainovich, Ken Meyer, Jr., Tony Castoria, Chad Draper David Heath
13 Dan Day, David Heath, Jerry Collins, Gary Barker, Mitch O'Connell, Joseph Tacis, George Lane, Bob Barger, Klaus Haisch, Geoorge Kochell, Vern Clark, Gary Barker, Joseph Shea, Rick Collum, Lari Davidson, Bill Anderson, Agus, Tom Bowen, Tony Castoria, Josephine Brainovich, Ken Meyer, Jr., Steven Fox, John Howard, Dan Tayor, Kim Wheat, T. A. Kargin, Jeff Cooke, Barry Kinneberg, Mat Kramer, Rick Collum, Doug Webb, Scott Macdonald, Chard Draper, Willie Peppers, Jim Gray Earl Geier
14 David Heath, Rafael Kayanan, Gary Barker, George Lane, Chad Draper, Jeff Wilcox, George Lane, Kim Wheat, Steve Souza, Stephen Fox, John Howard, Willie Peppers, Robert Harris, Millea Kenin, David Skov, Joseph Shea, Jeffrey Talbot, Ralph Roberts, Earl Greier, Lari Davidson, Steve Souza, Cosmo Ellis, Jocelyn Feaster, Steven Fox, Mark DePierre, T. A. Kaegin, Vernon Grant, Harry Hopkins, Jaime Hernandez, Jerry Collins Jim Gray
15 Willie Peppers, David Heath, Jim Sams, Mark Hall, Joan Hanke Woods, Steve Campos, Kim Wheat, Robert Barger, Rex Munsee, George Kochell, Gene Bearringer, Art Flores, Brad Foster, Rafael Kayanan, Ken Raney Randy Townsend
16 Randy Townsend, Bert Wee, David Heath, Monica Sharp, Dave Garcia, Byron Black, Chuck Upman, Rafael Kayanan, Beth Robbins, John Cosgriff, Mark Heike Ken Raney
17 Martin King, David Heath, Willie Peppers, Chris Ecker, Gary Barker, Jerry Foley, Allen Barnella, Gray Phillips, Georger Lane, Joseph Shea, Mike Martin Earl Geier
18 Dan Day, T. K. Atherton, Willie Peppers, George Lane, Jerry Foley, Klaus Haisch, Jerry Collins, B. C. Boyer, Owen K. Laurion, Jaime Hernandez, Earl Geier David Heath

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