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Fanzine (mimeographed) edited and published by Al Snider and Dwain Kaiser in Southern California.

Issue 9 (January 1968) is 47 (unnumbered) pages, with a cover by Lynn Peterson. Articles include "Confessions of an American Mescaline Eater" by James Lanctot, "ValSFA Anniversary Speech" by Ted Johnstone, fanzine reviews by Al Snider and (on white offset paper) movie previews by Duane Greeley.

Issue 10 (March 1968) is 51 pages (the blank verso of the cover is not included in the page numbering, so the right-hand pages have even numbers and the left-hand pages have odd numbers). Cover by Jim Keith; articles on "The Care and Feeding of SF Conventions" by Chuck Crayne (co-chair of LACon 1); the second part of "Confessions of an American Mescaline Eater" by James Lanctot; and "Hugo Nomination", a summary of the current state of the TV show Dark Shadows by Ted Johnstone.

Issue Date Pages Notes
9 January 1968 47
10 March 1968 51
11 July 1968
12 April1 969
13 July 1969

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