New York in '83

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This is a bit of a strange one… It was a bid to hold a Nasfic at the New York Stadtler in Manhattan in 1983 if one of the foreign bids (Australia in '83 or Worldcon Scandinavia in 1983) won that year's Worldcon. But in March 1981 — shortly before the Site Selection ballot to select the 1983 Worldcon was released by Denvention II — the committee announced that it, too, was bidding for the 1983 Worldcon.

The committee was chaired by Brian Burley, with Rick Buchanan and Robert Sacks as co-vice-chairs, (and Sacks was also Secretary), the Treasurer was Thom Anderson. Other members included Joe Braman, Fred Kuhn, Robert Osband.

The committee made a point that it was "Not connected with the Lunarians NY in '86 bid." This had apparently been included on flyers at Burley's insistence because he wanted to make the political statement that the NY in '86 bid committee (which he had resigned from) had been taken over by the clique which dominates the Lunarians.

So, at least for some members of the committee, NY in '83 was a spoiler for NY in '86.

NY in '83 was created too late to appear on the 1983 Site Selection ballot — they only had proof of an agreement with their hotel for the Nasfic, not the Worldcon and we consequently disqualified. They wound up with five write-in votes. See 1983 Site Selection results.

Because Baltimore in '83 won, there was no 1983 Nasfic to be bid for, so both bids ended at that point.

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