New Orleans Science Fiction Association

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The New Orleans Science Fiction Association (also known as the Greater New Orleans Science Fiction Association) was formed on June 25th 1967. The first year or so it existed as a social group without officers or dues. In July 1968 their first election was held. Its first president was Don Walsh. Charter members of the group were John Guidry, Don Markstein, Rick Norwood, Don Walsh, Justin Winston and Doug Wirth. Its main interaction with the rest of fandom was through its fanzine Nola-zine which was first published in August 1967. (IA) Fanac info

Other publications of the club included George (an APA) oe Rick Norwood and NOSFAn a newsletter edited by Don Markstein, Guy Lillian, Dennis Dolbear, and various other Shadows of New Orleans fandom over the year.

Actually NOSFA existed as an unnamed social group starting as early as 1965. With the bid for the 1968 DSC and in light of the New Orleans in '73 World-Con bid, it was felt that a more organized face to fandom at large was needed. Leading to its "founding" in 1967 and later election of officers in July 1968.

Dean Sweatman

Rick Norwood, Guy Lillian, and Lynne Nelson at July 1969 NOSFA election meeting.

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Members included:

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