Neo Fan's Guide

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A guide to fandom for the neofan written by Bob Tucker and published in 1955. It was revised in the mid-70s by Linda Lounsbury and Linda Bushyager as a fund-raiser for TAFF.

The postscript to the First Edition reads:

The Neo-Fan's Guide, published in February 1955, to help guide the stumbling sheep to the slaughter, to delight the old hands and to infuriate the younger. Edited and published by Bob Tucker, Post Box 702, Bloomington, Illinois. Consulting Editors were Bob Bloch, Dean Grennell and Dean (Redd) Boggs. The Guide was published on the Mafia Press, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. (IA) Copies at EFanzines

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 1955
3 August 1973 22 ed. Bob Tucker, Linda Lounsbury and Linda Bushyager

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