NecronomiCon, 5th Edition

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NecronomiCon, 5th Edition was held August 17-19, 2001 at the Marriott in Providence, RI. The GoH was Richard A. Lupoff and the Special GoHs were Chaosium, Inc. and Necronomicon Press.

Program Participants included: Greg Agostini, James Anderson, Dr. Bruce Ballon, Carl Jay Buchanan, Peter Cannon, Dr. John Dean, David S. Hammann, Daniel Harms, C.J. Henderson, Chris Jarocha-Ernst, Friday Jones, Charlie Krank, John Langan, Andrew Leman, Donovan K. Loucks, Donna McDermott-Thorland, Robert “Mac” McLaughlin, Marc A. Michaud, Gary C. Myers, Robert M. Price, Joseph Pulver, Sr., Faye Ringel, Philip C. Robinson, Allen Ruch, Thom Ryng, Stanley C. Sargent, Ann K. Schwader, Darrell Schweitzer, Joan C. Stanley, Jason Thompson, Jody Trout, John Tynes, Aaron Vanek, Bob Waugh, and Corey Whitworth.

Convention Committee Members were David S. Hammann, Franklin Hummel, Friday Jones, Robert “Mac” McLaughlin, Marc A. Michaud, Chuck Morgan, Michael James Oetting, and Joan C. Stanley. (IA) Program Schedule for NecronomiCon 5th Edition

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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to