Necon Hall of Fame

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The Necon Hall of Fame was founded in 2007 to recognize individuals who had helped create the fabric of the convention by contributing in every way possible. In short, to be enshrined, a Camper (see Camp Necon) had to meet the following five criteria —

  • They must have given their TIME to Necon (i.e. attended the convention at least 10 times)
  • They must have given their NAME to Necon (i.e. have been featured as a “headliner,” a Guest of Honor or Toastmaster)
  • They must have given their TALENT to Necon (i.e. been published in a Necon Anthology or Publication)
  • They must have given their BLOOD to Necon (i.e. been roasted)
  • They must have given their SOUL to Necon (i.e. have been recognized as a Necon Legend)

In appropriate circumstances, the previously-enshrined Hall of Fame members also have the right to waive one of those requirements for a potential inductee as they see fit.

Year Inductees
2007 Jill Bauman, Bob Booth, Ginjer Buchanan, Les Daniels, Craig Shaw Gardner, Charles L. Grant, Rick Hautala, Alan Ryan, Gahan Wilson, Doug Winter
2008 Don Grant, F. Paul Wilson
2009 Thomas F. Monteleone
2010 Christopher Golden, Yvonne Navarro
2011 Dallas Mayr a.k.a. Jack Ketchum
2012 Elizabeth Massie
2013 Mary Booth, Chet Williamson
2014 Dan Booth, John M. McIlveen, Darrell Schweitzer
2015 James A. Moore, Mary SanGiovanni
2016 Linda D. Addison, Stephen R. Bissette

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