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The Neffer Amateur Press Alliance. Not to be confused with NAPA, which see. An apa that was formed for members of the National Fantasy Fan Federation (a.k.a. NFFF or N3F) to help introduce those who were wannabe fanzine publishers to the ways of fanzine fandom. Several prominent fans joined the N3F for the first time just to participate, which was the source of some amusement until the knowledgeable NFFF President warned off members of the N3F's welcoming committee who through naiveté were "welcoming" to fandom people who'd been active in the greater microcosm longer

For a time, the Official organ was titled N'APA Yap, but sometime around 1970 it was renamed Alliance Amateur.

from Fancyclopedia 2 Supplement ca. 1960
Pronounced, usually, nee-APA. The N3F's APA, open only to members. It is probably the most successful project of the club, and certainly the one responsible for the greatest amount of realized fanactivity. Its operation is not remarkably different from that of other APAs , except for the requirement that all members be N3F people.

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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org