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A fanzine edited by Don D'Ammassa which was nominated for the 1977 Best Fanzine Hugo and the 1985 Best Fanzine Hugo. It was first published in 1974 using ditto, but by the fourth issue it mimeo. There were nineteen issues total, the last in 1986.

Contributors included Sue Anderson, Jennifer Bankier, Michael Bishop, Mike Blake, Michael Carlson, Lee Carson, Avedon Carol, Beth Cohen, Tom Collins, John Curlovich, Tony Dalmyn, Bonnie Dalzell, Dave Driscoll, Chris Eblis, Adrienne Fein, Brad Foster, Arthur D. Hlavaty, George Fergus, George Flynn, Jim Goldfrank, Nancy Hussar, Mark M. Keller, John F. Kusske, Sam Long, David Macaulay, Patrick L. McGuire, James Odbert, Jerry Pournelle, Evelyn Rogers, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Judith E. Schrier, Victoria Vayne, Taral Wayne, and Jim Young.

Each issue included a column by Paul Di Filippo called "Arrant Nonsense".

Mythologies also won the 1979 FAAn Award for Best Fanzine and the 1979 FAAn Award for Best Single Issue of a fanzine.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 1974 Dittoed
4 March 1975 50 Switched to mimeoed
5 May 1975 52
6 July 1975 50
7 November 1975 52
8 February 1976 60
9 June 1976 62
10 January 1977 60
11 February 1977 78
12 June 1977 98
13 November 1977 94
14 June 1978 120 1979 FAAn Award for Best Single Issue of a fanzine
15 February 1984 56
16 July 1984 70
17 December 1984 66
19 1986 Final issue

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