Moshe Feder

A New York City-based fanzine fan and club fan. He was founder and first president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Society at Queens College in the 70s, and a member of the Insurgents, Fanoclasts and FIStFA. He founded the Omnivores, a fannish dining club, the The Third Level, an email discussion group for fannish tail fans, The Four-Flushers, and the Last Chance Salon a monthly fannish get-together.

He created the FAAN Awards co-chaired Corflu 7 and was a member of the Flushing in '80 Hoax bid.

He published Quo Davis, Placebo, and Quaint. He was one of the authors of The Mimeo Man.

Professionally he is a consulting editor for Tor and was nominated for the 2011 Best Editor Long Form Hugo.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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