Monsters of the Moon

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(1) A Trailer for a Non-existent Film

Monsters of the Moon was a trailer "presented by 4sJ and produced by Ray Heinz and Mike Frisby" that may have been shown at some early Worldcon — probably Pacificon. It appears to have been a script of a Flash Gordon-like adventure written in the 30s which Ray Heinz and Mike Frisby turned into a trailer in the hopes of creating a full film. The trailer was lost, but Ray Heinz and Mike Frisby retained many scraps of film which had been discarded, and Bob Tucker and Sully Roberds undertook the huge task of splicing them together into something vaguely coherent.

It was accompanied by:

(2) A Fanzine by Forrest J Ackerman

Ackerman produced an elaborate one-shot mimeoed fanzine with many stills from the reconstructed trailer and a page of explanation.

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