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(1) A Minneapolis Regional Convention

Minicon is an annual regional convention held since 1968 in or near Minneapolis, MN on Easter weekend by MinnSTF.

(2) A Kind of Small Convention

Mini-con: a small convention. E.g., the Melbourne Science Fiction Conference held in 1968 was referred to as the Melbourne Minicon, and VampireFest held in 2010 was referred to as an "all club minicon".

(3) A Roving Mini-convention for 1632

The annual 1632 Minicon specializes in Eric Flint's 1632 shared universe, and usually takes place as a program track of a larger convention.

(4) The Name of MileHiCon 3

It was written MiniCon III and held October 16, 1971.

(5) A One-Time Anime Convention

Mini-con was an anime convention held on April 8, 2006 on the Maryville University Campus in St. Louis, Missouri. It was started after Kunicon, a traveling anime convention, occurred in St. Louis in 2005. Its success in its first year caused them to rebrand as Anime St. Louis for 2007, and run the convention jointly with ShowMeCon 5 in that con's final year.

(6) A One-Day Convention Replacing InCon

It was written miNiCon and was held November 9, 2002 at the Spokane Valley DoubleTree in Spokane, WA. It had a program, gaming and some competitions.
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