Milt Stevens

Milt Stevens in a club fan and con-runner living in the LA area. He co-chaired LACon II, the 1984 Worldcon. as well as LA 2000 (the first Loscon and Westercon 33 and has worked on numerous other regionals and Worldcons.

He is a member of LASFS (and has served in most of the offices), the Institute for Specialized Literature, and SCIFI.

His fanzines include All Digression Weekly (for APA L), Alphabet Soup (for FAPA), Crypt of Ennui (for SFPA), Fun at the Morgue (for LASFAPA), the Magazine of Obloquoy and Low Derision (for The Cult), Opus (for FAPA), Ornithopter Wonder Stories (for FLAP), The Passing Parade (for FAPA), Sardonicus (for SAPS). He was a member of TAPS.

Awards, Honors and GoHships: