MileHiCon 29

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MileHiCon 29 (aka Donnercon) held October 24-26, 1997. GoHs: Mike Resnick, S. M. Stirling, Liz Danforth, Chairman: Linda Nelson, Toastmaster: Ed Bryant.

This was the year that the committee thought—with a great lineup and a media guest connected to Babylon-5—that the convention would break a thousand for the first time. That was before the snow started on Friday night. By Saturday morning it was completed snowed in, the city was shut down, and Donnercon had begun! Media Guest of Honor: George Johnsen.

Mike Resnick's wife, Carol Resnick was at Ditto 10 in Cincinnati the same weekend and got hourly calls from Mike: "It's two feet deep now", "The hotel staff has been sent home", "We're cooking our own dinners", and, finally, "We see snow plows in the distance — we won't have to eat the committee."

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