MileHiCon 23

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MileHiCon 23 was held October 18-20, 1991 at the Sheraton in Lakewood, CO. GoHs: Sheri S. Tepper, S. P. Somtow, Erin McKee, KathE Walker. Chairman: Linda Nelson, Toastmaster: Connie Willis.

The plague year! Guests were dropping like flies. Sheri Tepper had to cancel for medical reasons about ten days before the con. Somtow was unable to speak at the guest of honor speeches because he had left the antibiotics he was taking and Susan Crites had to "interpret" for him. Erin McKee was flat on her back in the art show and missed the program—Peri Charlifu stood in for her. And Toastmaster Connie Willis almost missed the program because she only realized that morning that it was at 10:30 instead of 11.

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