Mike Sinclair

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(?? — March 14, 2014)

Michael Sinclair (also known as the Commodore) was a Louisville fan who found fandom at RiverCon 1 in 1975. After he wrote a loc to File 770, he was contacted by Cliff Amos and recruited to work on RiverCon. He was married to Crista Sinclair. They had one child.

A decade later, he had become the public face of the New Orleans in '88 Worldcon bid committee, tirelessly traveling the country throwing extraordinary parties, dispensing Southern charm and New Orleans Hurricanes. His parties were enormously popular and undoubtedly were the main factor in the New Orleans bid winning against strong opposition. Many in fandom assumed that he would also be working on Nolacon II, but Sinclair had never had any intention of working on the resulting Worldcon. Ever since, when a bid throws especially great parties, fans have taken care to ask if the people throwing the parties will also be working on the convention!

While he was not interested running a Worldcon, he discovered that he loved bidding for Worldcons and soon started the Say Da to Moscow bid, allegedly to bring the Worldcon to the USSR. The bid was funny and the parties great.

Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org