MidAmeriCon II

The 2016 Worldcon, MidAmeriCon II was held August 17-21 2016 at the Kansas City Convention Center and the KC Downtown Marriott in Kansas City, MO. The GoHs were Kinuko Y. Craft, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Tamora Pierce, and Michael Swanwick.

It was selected at Loncon 3. The bidders were Kansas City 2016 and Beijing in 2016, see 2016 Site Selection Results for details.

Originally chaired by Team LOL, comprised of Diane Lacey, Ruth Lichtwardt, and Jeff Orth, early in 2016, it was reorganized with Lichtwardt as the sole chair and Lacey as a Vice Chair. Formally, it is a 501(c)3 corporation named MASFFC, Inc..

Its website is http://midamericon2.org/

MidAmeriCon II conducted site selection for the 2018 Worldcon, see 2018 Site Selection results.

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