A series of early conventions (also called Michicon) held in Battle Creek, MI during the war from 1941 to 1945. They were basically relaxacons, but were among the very few cons during the war. They were sponsored by the Mid-West Fantasy Fan Federation.

Convention Dates Notes
1941 Michiconference November 16, 1941
1942 Michiconference September 27, 1942
1943 Michiconference October 30 - November 1, 1943
Michicon 4 June 17-19, 1944 Held at Slan Shack
1945 Michiconference July 7-8, 1945 Final Michicon. Held at Slan Shack.
from Fancyclopedia 1 ca. 1944
Annual conferences of the Michigan Federation, attended by members of the Mid-West Fantasy Fan Federation and others.
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