Marshall B. Tymm

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(1937 —)

Marshall Benton Tymn is a US academic, bibliographer, and editor.

He has published

  • A Directory of Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing Houses and Book Dealers (1974)
  • A Research Guide to Science Fiction Studies: An Annotated Checklist of Primary and Secondary Sources (1977)
  • Recent Critical Studies on Fantasy Literature: An Annotated Checklist (1978)
  • A Basic Reference Shelf for Science Fiction Teachers (1978)
  • The Science Fiction Reference Book: A Comprehensive Handbook and Guide to the History, Literature, Scholarship, and Related Activities of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Fields (1981)
  • its abridged successor, Science Fiction: A Teacher's Guide and Resource Book (1988)
  • A Teacher's Guide to Science Fiction (1981)

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