Marge Hughes Award

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Western Australian award for previously unrecognised service to fandom. This award is presented by the Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation, WASFF, in honour of Marge Hughes and the support and counselling she provided.

Recipients include:

1991 Ann Griffiths
Tara Smith
1993 Ralph Smith
Gina Goddard
1996 Tom Edge and Craig Greenbank
1999 Mark Bivens
2000 John Samuel
2001 Ruth and Rachel Turner
2002 Simon Oxwell
2003 Luigi Cantoni
2005 Emma Hawkes and Dale Verdi
2006 Davina Watson
2007 Sarah Parker
2008 Rob Masters and Alicia Smith
2009 Chris Creagh
2010 Nik Macdougall
2011 Sue Ackermann
2013 Fe Waters
2015 Damian Magee
2017 Samara Morgan

There have been years in which the award was presented as the "Marg Hughes Award". It is also popularly known as the Mumfan Award.

An article, The Marge Hughes Award by Greg Turkich, transcribed at from a Swancon 16 Progress Report indicates that the award had not been presented prior to that convention, which was held early in 1991. (IA) Marge Hughes Award speeches at

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