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Eastercon 67, Mancunicon was held March 25-28, 2016 in Manchester, UK. The GoHs were Sarah Pinborough, Ian McDonald, Dave Clements, and “Interesting Guest A,” Aliette de Bodard. Chaired by Pat McMurray with committee Fiona Scarlett, Tommy Wareing, DC, Steve Lawson, David Cooper, Melica Smith, and Dave Lally. The newsletter was called Waggle Dance. All the PRs, ReadMe and newsletter can be downloaded from here.

It was selected at Dysprosium just a year in advance due to Satellite 4's inability to award an Eastercon because of the late loss of facilities by the Cardiff in 2016 bid.

Both Innominate (to replace the folded Pasgon), and Follycon (2018) were chosen as future Eastercons. (IA) Susan Stepney conrep (IA) Pete Tyers review

When the committee went to negotiate with the Renaissance in Manchester, they found that the hotel staff had dressed up to meet them, one 6 month pregnant woman wearing a Wookie costume. The convention was held in the Hilton…

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