Malcolm Jameson

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(1891 — 1945)

Malcolm Jameson was, during SF's Golden Age, one of the most popular and productive genre writers in the United States. He did not begin writing until the late 1930s, when he was forced to retire from a more active life because of ill health. He also wrote as Malcolm M. Jameson and used the pseudonyms of Colin Keith and Mary MacGregor.

Biographical sketches (with photos) of Jameson appeared in the August, 1940, Amazing and in the Winter, 1943-1944. Startling Stories; and an obituary by John W. Campbell, Jr. was published in the July, 1945, issue of Astounding.

Today his most remembered SF novels are Bullard of the Space Patrol (World Publishing Company, 1951) and Tarnished Utopia (Galaxy Novel No. 27, 1956), both published posthumously.

He was the brother of House Jameson, the radio actor who played the father on The Aldrich Family.

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