MagiCon Art Retrospective

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The 1992 MagiCon Art Retrospective was the first attempt to provide an historical exhibit of science fiction art at a Worldcon. It was conceived by Chairman Joe Siclari, a genre art collector himself, to take advantage of the special knowledge of his Artist Guest of Honor Vincent Di Fate.

Di Fate had written and spoken widely about S-F art, its history and its influence in other media. He had also organized numerous special exhibits and had consulted at various auction houses and museums. Di Fate enlisted the help of Roger Reed, the director of Illustration House, the leading art gallery specializing in illustration art.

The exhibit encompassed dozens of illustrations covering over a century of art, starting in 1913. Among the artists included were Wayne Barlowe, Rudolph Belarski, John Berkey, Hannes Bok, Edmund Dulac, Dean Ellis, Virgil Finlay, Frank Frazzeta,
Kelly Freas, Fred Freeman, Jack Gaughan, Josh Kirby , Paul Lehr, Stanley Meltzoff, Leo Morey, Frank R. Paul, Ludek Pesek, Richard Powers, J. Allen St. John, John Schoenherr. Andrei Sokolov, Gene Szafran and more.

The popularity of the MagiCon Art Retrospective encouraged other Worldcons to provide the resources to develop additional special art exhibitions. Most notably at Chicon 2000 and Noreascon 4 (2004).

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