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The 1992 Worldcon held September 3-7 at the Orange County Convention and Civic Center, The Peabody Hotel and The Clarion Hotel, Orlando, FL. GoHs: Jack Vance (pro), Vincent Di Fate (artist) and FGoH: Walter A. Willis. Spider Robinson was Toastmaster, but Mike Resnick acted as Toastmaster for the Meet-the-Pros party. It was chaired by Joe Siclari and sponsored by Fanac.

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Orlando in 1992 was the bid for Magicon and won against competition from DC in '92 which was forced to withdraw a couple of months before the vote. See 1992 Site Selection results

Magicon's exhibit hall featured a miniature golf course themed around The Enchanted Duplicator in honor of Fan GoH Walt Willis.

Mike Glyer commented at the time that "The con's pleasing personality could only have come from organizers who had looked into their own hearts for what people value in a worldcon, then spared no effort to deliver it."

Listen to Joe Siclari and Edie Stern recount some of their Magicon stories.

Video: (IA) Isaac Asimov memorial (IA) Walt Willis interview by Ted White (IA) Memories of the First Worldcon (IA) Joe Siclari interviewed by Warren Buff (IA) Vincent di Fate talk (IA) Mike Glyer reposts File770 reports on the convention, 25 years on

There also seems to have been a regional named Magicon held January 23-24, 1982 at the Rault Center Hotel in New Orleans, LA. Nothing else is known about it.

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