Magazine of Horror

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The Magazine of Horror was one of the Health Knowledge magazines edited by Robert W. Lowndes.

The digest magazine, titled Magazine of Horror and Strange Stories for the first three issues, was published from August, 1963, until April, 1971, for a total run of 36 issues.

From the beginning, the magazine published SF stories along with the horror tales. Some readers ojected to this policy, but Lowndes always found room to reprint SF and fantasy stories by such writers as H. G. Wells, H. P. Lovecraft, David H. Keller, August Derleth, Robert E. Howard, Edgar Allan Poe, Hugh B. Cave, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Jack Williamson, and Rudyard Kipling.

Virgil Finlay illustrated several of the magazine's covers.

Authors contributing original work included Joanna Russ, Roger Zelazny, Edward D. Hoch, Donald A. Wollheim, John Brunner, Emil Petaja, Robert Silverberg, Stephen Goldin, and Richard Wilson.

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