Lunacon 19

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Lunacon 19 was held April 9-11, 1976 at the Statler-Hilton Hotel in Manhattan. The GoH in a very unusual departure from normal practice was Amazing & Fantastic Magazines and the conventions' theme was a tribute to fifty years of the prozines. Attendance: around 700, which was low compared with previous years. The Chairman was Don Lundry.

The convention was marred by many incidents: Ted White was hit in the face by a pie twice (on Friday and again on Sunday). (Charles Platt was blamed for the pieing, but much later asserted that he was merely the agent for the pie thrower, collecting donations, but not taking a commission.) Additionally, some sort of gas was released in a program room on Saturday, making some people sick, firecrackers were let off in a bathroom, graffiti on walls, stinkbombs, etc.

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