LoneStarCon 3

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LoneStarCon 3, often called LSC3, was selected at Renovation to be the 2013 Worldcon. It was held Aug 29-Sept 2, 2013 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. GoHs: James Gunn & Norman Spinrad (authors), Ellen Datlow (editor), and Darrell K. Sweet (artist) (Sweet died before the convention.). FGoH: Willie Siros.

Paul Cornell was toastmaster and Leslie Fish and Joe R. Lansdale were special guests.

Initially, it was co-chaired by Bill Parker and Laura Domitz. Later, Randy Shepherd was appointed vice-chairman. In March, 2013, They swapped jobs, with Randy Shepherd as chairman and Bill Parker and Laura Domitz as co-vice-chairmen. LSC3 was sponsored by ALAMO.

The sole bidder for the 2013 Worldcon was Texas in 2013. See 2013 Site Selection Results for details of the voting.

See 2013 Hugo Results, 2015 Site Selection results, 2014 NASFiC Site Selection Results.

See also LoneStarCon, LoneStarCon 2

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